Composite Rubber Insulators Molding Machine

LSR Insulators Molding Machine

LSR Insulators Molding Machine include LSR clamping machine, LSR pump machine with dosing unit, suitable for liquid silicone products,can produce up to 1000 kv high hollow core insulators, arrestors and high voltage cable joint body, stress cone, cable termimals of power transmission
  • Huayi LSR clamping machine, horizontal clamping structure, without tie-bars, special design,state patent owner
  • High safety, the clamping platens slides on the guider rails on the machine base
  • Convenient operation, tiebar-less structure with upper space,convenient to load and install molds by crane or forklift
  • Flexible to load the FRP Tube to inside the mold by crane and lifters
  • Robust design of clamping unit and machine base with high stability and perfect parallelism
  • Adopt close loop control injection, can cooperate with multi sets of molds with different phases pressure and speed setting
  • LSR Clamping machine, pump machine, metering machine with molds can be offered as turnkey project.
  • Product Description

    LSR clamping machine, national patented design; Horizontal clamping unit without tiebars; Side fixture for holding RFP rods and assisting products demoulding;Free upper space, easier for loading RFP rod and unloading products, keep more spare for operations. Below is the detail specifications:

    Item HYZ-200F HYZ-250F HYZ-400F
    Item HYZ-200F HYZ-250F HYZ-400F
    Clamping Force(KN) 2000 2500 4000
    Heating Platen Size(W*L/MM) 800*1600 1250*2600 1500*3000
    Space Btwn Platens(MM) 1600 2400 2700
    Dimension Between Tiebar(MM) Without Tie Bar Without Tie Bar Without Tie Bar
    Max.Clamping Stroke(MM) 1000 2000 2000
    Min.Mold Thickness(MM) 610 410 710

    Application Liquid Silicone Rubber Hollow Core Bushing Solution
    Machine Model 200F Clamping Machine With 200L Pump Machine 250F Clamping Machine With 200L Pump Machine 400F Clamping Machine With 200L Pump Machine
    Insulators(KV) 110KV -220KV Hollow Core Insulators 400KV-500KV Hollow Core Insulators 750KV-1100KV Hollow Core Insulators

    LSR Pump & Metering Machine

    Model No.: HYP-200LQ

  • 1. LSR pump machine with metering in one unit;
  • 2. SIEMENS PLC control, with individual hydraulic power supply;
  • 3. None-Limit Injection Volume, Reciprocating metering function;
  • 4. With precise static mixer, evenly mixed A and B compound;
  • 5. With Injection gun connected with pump&metering machine by high pressure hose.
  • Projects of LSR clamping machine with pump machine

    In 2004 HUAYI produced 250ton (HYZ-250F) LSR horizontal clamping machine without tie-bar for producing LSR hollow core insulator. This technical already reached advanced level in the world. (already applied patent for this design)

    In 2009 Produced 400ton LSR clamping machine for producing LSR hollow bushing. It already used to produce 800KV and 1000kv insulators bushing.

    In 2012 Produced 300ton horizontal clamping machine for making 200KV LSR joint body and stress cone.

    In 2015 Produced 250ton horizontal clamping machine for making LSR terminals

    In 2019 Produced 200ton horizontal clamping machine for making LSR terminals and 220kv hollow core bushings

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