How to choose chiller for rubber machine

Published on: 2021-10-14


How to choose chiller for rubber machine?

How to choose an air-cooled chiller and a water-cooled chiller?

As a rubber machine supplier, many customers will ask before delivery, how do you connect the machine water and what is the appropriate water temperature?
We usually tell customers: the temperature of the machine's oil should be kept at about 45 degrees, and the water pipe should be 3/4 ‘’ for water connection, but what is the use to cool the hydraulic oil?

Rubber molding machinery is different from plastic molding machinery. The cycle time is calculated in minutes, and the relative time is relatively long. Therefore, the temperature of the hydraulic oil does not rise very quickly. Generally, large companies will use a large cooling tower and a pool to reduce the water temperature by heat and cold exchange.Normal temperature water temperature is generally maintained at 5 degrees to 30 degrees. For all year round hot or low temperature places, the chiller can be used, it can maintain a stable water temperature environment, so that the water entering the machine cold exchanger can be uniform, stable cooling of the hydraulic oil, so that the temperature of the hydraulic oil is maintained at a stable temperature range. This is extremely beneficial to the hydraulic sealing parts of the equipment and the hydraulic system, which can extend the service life of the sealant, reduce the risk of mechanical oil leakage, and never reduce the maintenance cost of hydraulic parts. . . When it comes to chillers, you have to talk about air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers.

Regardless of whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled, the essence of industrial chillers is to exchange heat and cool the equipment through cooling water circulation. The biggest difference between air-cooling and water-cooling is that the condensation process is different.

Air-cooled chiller

01. Principle of air-cooled condensation

First of all, let’s talk about the air-cooled, air-cooled finned condenser used in the air-cooled chiller. When the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant flows into the condenser, the external rotor fan brings the heat to the air and blows it through the flowing air. The finned condenser of the machine performs heat exchange), so that the gaseous refrigerant is condensed into a liquid refrigerant or a gas-liquid mixture into the evaporator.

02. Advantage

1. The pipeline connection is simpler, and it can be used when connected with the host pipeline.

2. It is very convenient to move with the host in the later stage.

3. The post-maintenance of the fin condenser is also very worry-free, and more dust accumulation is enough.

03. Disadvantages

1. Because the air cooling is equipped with a fan, the noise will be slightly louder during operation

2. The price of a single air-cooled machine is more expensive than that of a water-cooled machine.

Water-cooled chiller

01. Water-cooled condensation principle

Next, let's talk about water-cooled chillers. The water-cooled chiller uses a shell and tube condenser, which needs to be used with an external cooling tower. The water in the cooling tower circulates in the shell and tube condenser. The gaseous refrigerant inside and the water are condensed into a liquid state and then enters the evaporator.

02. Advantages

1. A water-cooled chiller with the same power has a better refrigeration performance than air-cooled by about 20%, mainly because the heat conversion efficiency of water is higher than that of air.

2. The sound of water-cooled operation is lower than that of air-cooled operation.

3. When the water cooling is running, the surrounding air temperature will not be affected. The air cooling uses air to exchange heat, and the surrounding ambient air temperature will be slightly higher.

03. Disadvantages

1. Water-cooled chillers have relatively high requirements for water quality. The water circulating in the condenser should be as soft as possible. Water with high hardness will cause the condenser to become fouled easily. The frequency of later cleaning and maintenance will be higher. The cost is not low.

2. For water cooling, you need to purchase a cooling tower and water pump separately, and the overall cost is not necessarily lower than that of air cooling. And the pipeline connection is more complicated than air cooling.

Final summary

After talking about the advantages and disadvantages of air-cooling and water-cooling, I will summarize it for everyone. Kaifeng recommends that everyone choose air-cooled chillers first.

①Air-cooled: easy to move, simple pipeline, and later maintenance is more labor-saving.

②Water cooling: lower price, better performance, and high water quality requirements.

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