Chinaplas 2021 in Shenzhen,let have a warm meeting there!

Published on: 2020-11-06


2020 Chinaplas Exhibition in Shanghai was delayed because of COVID-9, and moved to 2021 in Shenzhen.


Address: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, PR China    Time: 2021.4.13-16

Hengyang Huayi Machinery Co.,LTD will be there

Booth No.: Hall 8 A01.

What you can find in Chinaplas 2021?

Exhibition criteria

Plastic equipment: plastic injection molding production technology and equipment, robotic arm take-out machine, central feeding and auxiliary equipment, mold and mold component manufacturing equipment.

Plastic extrusion production technology and equipment: plastic foaming sheet, blown film, bag, pipe, profile, sheet, round wire, flat wire, wire and cable, mixing, granulation and other production equipment.

Rubber machinery: rubber, tire machinery and ancillary products, testing and control instruments, surface treatment, lighting equipment, post-processing equipment.

Plastic hollow molding production technology and equipment: plastic extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, injection stretch blow molding, hollow molding and other production technologies and equipment.

Related supporting equipment and various parts: mixing equipment, mixers, feeders, dryers, crushers, chillers, vibrating screens, pelletizers, reducers, mold temperature controllers, ultrasonic welding machines, electric motors, originals, Auxiliary equipment such as steam-driven hydraulic components, heaters, screws, sleeves, etc.

Plastic packaging: letterpress, gravure, silk screen, pad printing, hot stamping, thermal transfer, slicing, slitting, laminating, sealing and cutting, bag making, adhesive tape, tape manufacturing. Plastic and rubber raw materials, additives, masterbatch, etc., finished and semi-finished products.

See you there !

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