Rubber Transfer Molding Machine

Rubber Transfer Molding Machine

Rubber transfer molding press is the base of rubber molding machinery, is a kind of rubber part vulcanizier between rubber injection machine and rubber vulcanizing press, is the most economic way to making rubber products by injection way
Rubber transfer molding press is suitable for vulcanizing mold of natural rubber, acrylonitrile rubbers, ethylene-propylene diene copolymer, chloroprene rubber adhesive, solid silicon, is a kind of rubber vulcanizing machine with injection unit but without plasticizing unit, Huayi transfer molding press with below features:
1. Siemens advanced PLC&HMI, Japan Yuken oil pump and valves;
2. Open oil circuit, easy for maintenance;
3. Oil manifold for clear oil circuit distrubition and gathering;
Heating platen temperature controlling with PID temperature calibration;
Reclamping during vulcanizing;
6. Motor stops during curing or dewell for saving energy;
7. Remote service support provide wireless machine monitoring and maintenance;
8. Different demould devices for selection, 2RT,3RT,4RT,4RT with core pullers...;

Product Description

Rubber transfer molding press is an traditional and old method to making rubber parts by injection way in the world,with injection piston,less rubber wasted,simple operation than rubber injection molding machine,below is the detail specifications of rubber transfer molding press:

Item HYZ-30Y HYZ-50YHYZ-80Y HYZ-100Y HYZ-200Y HYZ-300Y HYZ-400Y HYZ-500Y HYZ-1000Y

Clamping Force(KN) 300 500 800 100020003000 4000 5000 10000
Platen size(MM)400*300 450*400 600*400 500*550 550*550 600*700 800*900 630*1600 1100*1100
Space between platens(MM) 350 350 350 500570750 770940 1100
Dimension between tiebar(MM) C Frame C FrameC frame 610*335 650*360  710*360 990*570 780*560   1300*700
Max.Clamping Stroke(MM) 300 300 300450 500 600 900 700 900
Min.Mold Thickness(MM) 60 60 60 60 80 150 220 250220
Sliding Stroke(MM)300 400 400505555675 900/1250
Ejection Stroke(MM)/ //280300300 450 450 /
Total Power (KW) 16 20 25 25 28 40 46 60 60
Machine Size (M) 3.2*2.1*2.3 3.6*2.3*2.5 3.6*2.5*2.6 4*2.8*2.8 3.5*3*4 4.5*2.2*3.5 4.6*2.1*4.7 6.3*2.4*4.7 6.3*3.2*5.2
Machine Weight(T)2 3 4 5 6 9 1316 36

Features of Transfer Molding Press

Machine main structure

  • Adopt four-column structure with the split structure design between the front auxiliary unit and moving plate;
  • It is suitable for many kinds of de-moulding methods and mould usage;
  • Oil tank, power cabinet and display screen are right located, more back space for molds operation.
  • C frame clamping structure available for 30ton, 50ton and 80ton transfer press

    Advantages of Transfer Molding Press

  • Better products quality,wiith injection piston, rubber was injected into mold after mold close,mold cavity filling more balance, rubber filling more tight
  • Less overflow rubber, less rubber wasted
  • More simple operation than rubber injection molding press
  • More favorable price than rubber injection molding machine

  • Disadvantage

  • Rubber should be weighed before filling to injection barrel
  • Not suitable for rubber material which is sensitive to temperature or the curing temperature is low

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Main maintenance methods of rubber machine

Rubber machinery maintenance work is fault judgment and fault handling, which involves a wide range of knowledge and a large level of complexity. A certain depth (such as comprehensive professional knowledge level) requires not only basic knowledge of rubber molding machine mechanical equipment maintenance, but also basic knowledge of hydraulic maintenance, as well as basic knowledge of electrical and pneumatic maintenance.

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